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Dear guest and visitor of our website,
here you find references of our guests. You are welcome to add your own personal reference - please contact us by email or ask our restaurant team.


Sanjay Sauldie | Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute [], Mannheim:

"The best Indian restaurant in Baden-Württemberg, since it meets to 100% the taste of my home. Thank you for the delicious evenings in your 'Indian Palace'. I always feel like a king."

Dr. Stefan Schmitz | Managing Director of the CMC Pharma GmbH [], Mannheim:

"We have regular culinary treats at the 'Indian Palace' - like little India holidays in between. Thank you!"

Dirk P. Stein | Lawyer [], Ludwigshafen:

"The 'Indian Palace' in Mannheim offers the best Indian food I have ever experienced. I'm excited every time of the refined and fresh foods. The atmosphere and service are excellent."

Cornelia B.

"I celebrated my birthday at the 'Indian Palace' and I am very happy that I choose this restaurant! I am travelling a lot abroad on business and have to say that both the atmosphere (very beautiful Indian traditional wood decoration) as well as the Indian dishes, all is reminiscent of the real India, known from travelling. The waiters are very friendly and polite and underline the hospitable Indian atmosphere in the restaurant! All my guests liked the traditional dishes very much and they felt very comfortable! I'm looking forward to the next evenings that we can spend at 'Indian Palace'! Thank you again!"